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Dosage: A minimum of one gram of dried gold caps shrooms is ingested orall for newbies. For most people, 3.5 dried grams (1/8 oz) would be considered a moderate dose and may produce a great experience. For many individuals’ doses. above 3 grams may be overwhelming. The Package is well dried before sold and it can be kept for a long time in dry places.


Buy Magic mushrooms Australia

  1. Buy Magic Mushrooms Australia…

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms! A spiritual classic that has been around for ages.

The shining yellow-gold caps and wise teachings give this mushroom strain it’s rightful name.

With a magic mushroom grow kit from this psilocybe cubensis you can expect medium size to large mushrooms with wide caps, ideal for spore printing.

The Golden Teacher is a favorite amongst cultivators and psychonauts for years.

Cultivators love the Golden Teacher spores because they grow great flushes. magic mushrooms for sale

And psychonauts love them because the psychedelic journey of these mushroom are known to have a profound impact.

Typical Magic Mushroom Dose

It can be hard to overdose on magic mushrooms. However, complications can arise when ingesting any natural ingredient that will affect your mindset and mood.

It takes .2 to .5 grams of dried magic mushrooms to begin to feel the effects of the psilocybin. Buy magic mushrooms UK

Height, weight and metabolism affect how a person may feel when ingesting magic mushrooms. buy magic mushrooms online

For a lengthy psychedelic experience that can last between three and six hours, the average adult should take a moderate dose of 1 to 2.5 grams.

Treating Depression With Magic Mushrooms

Depression and suicide are major public health problems.

Our currently available therapies are not as effective as we might wish. buy gold caps online

The rate of suicide is increasing. There is an urgent need for novel and effective interventions for depression.

Researchers are on a fast track to developing a treatment for depression using the psychedelic compound psilocybin,

best known as the active ingredient in so-called “magic mushrooms.

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