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The secret is out! Most people now believe in the power of CBD, thanks to the many states who are currently on board with making it legally accessible to those who need it. In addition, CBD has healing properties that allow people to be relieved of pain points and treat a variety of physical and psychological conditions.

You may be wondering, how many CBD gummies should I eat? Let us at VAPE SHOP AU help you determine this. It’s hard to know how many of those little candies you should eat when you first open them. They’re so soft and chewy, and it’s tempting to eat all of them, but they are not candy. And unfortunately, there is no standard CBD dosage that has been established. So, how many CBD gummies should you eat? Let’s first answer the right questions to find out.

What Affects Your Optimal Dosage?

How Many Gummies Are Best For You?

There’s no right way to know the proper CBD gummy dosage because multiple factors affect that decision. And even then, it still may be challenging to have a definite answer. But let’s start with the multiple factors.


Some of those factors include:

Body Weight

Weight greatly affects how well your body handles substances, including CBD. Just like with alcohol, it will impact two people of different weights; a smaller person will likely not be able to hold as much as a larger person without it having an adverse effect on them. The same holds true for CBD gummies. So, consider your weight, and depending on how it affects you, you can either scale up or down with the number of gummies you take.



The rate at which your CBD gummies absorb into your body is also based on your metabolism. For example, an active person constantly moving or on the go will absorb the gummies differently than someone who spends most of their day on the sofa or sitting at a desk all day to go home and prepare for bed.

Likewise, a person with a higher metabolism will consume CBD gummies quicker than someone whose metabolism is lower. So, consider this also when taking CBD gummies, as someone with a higher metabolism may need to raise their dosage to compensate for the high metabolism, and the person with a low metabolism may need to lower their dosage.


Chemical Composition

Everyone’s body is different, and not all will react similarly to the same substances. Side effects are likely from any chemical or substance put in your body, so pay attention to how the CBD gummies affect you after taking them. For example, if you’re taking regular medication or are susceptible to allergens that cause allergic reactions, it’s possible that CBD gummies could adversely mix with these.

Should you feel that something is not correct when taking CBD gummies, it would be wise to pause or discontinue taking them until you can determine what’s causing the side effects. It could be a reaction when mixed with other medications. It’s always wise to consult with your healthcare provider or pharmacist, especially if you’re taking other medications or have allergic reactions before taking CBD gummies.

Potency of the Gummy

CBD gummies are dependent on the quality and amount of CBD oils when they are being made. This allows companies to make them with different strengths. For example, some could be 5mg, 10 mg, etc., so depending on the strength of your gummies, not all doses may be the same.

The good thing about gummies is that they’re easy to cut into pieces. For example, you may have a 10 mg dose but only need 5 mg. In that case, you could cut the gummy in half to get the proper dosage you need. However, research suggests that full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD have more potent effects because they contain more cannabinoids than pure CBD. This means you might need to use a higher dose of CBD isolate edibles. So, consider the potency of the gummy before consuming it.


Desired Outcome

There are many reasons why people take CBD gummies. Some take them to have better quality sleep. If fixing your sleep is your only reason for purchasing CBD gummies, you can buy Serenity Gummies online. Some people take them for pain relief. Still, others may take them to help with anxiety.

Some people also incorporate them into their workout routine. Companies like Keoni CBD gummies carry sport CBD gummies for enhanced energy. CBD health benefits are plenty, and it’s essential to know why you’re taking CBD because these gummies require different potency levels depending on your ailment. For example, relief from anxiety may not require as much dosage as back pain.

According to some experts (Royal, 2022):

  • If you want to sleep better, take 10 mg – 25 mg
  • If you want to relieve stress, take 15 mg – 30 mg
  • If you want relief from hypertension, take 30 mg – 50 mg
  • If you want relief from inflammation, take 50 mg – 150 mg
  • If you want relief from pain or discomfort, take 15 mg – 25 mg
  • If you want to have more focus during the day, take 5 mg – 15 mg

Of course, you still have all the other factors to consider. So, whether or not these doses would be appropriate for your desired outcome would not be obvious.

How many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Since no single optimal dosage works for everyone, if you’re just starting to take CBD gummies, it’s best to start slow. You’ll have to be the judge if your doctor doesn’t prescribe a specific dose, like 10 mg or 15 mg daily.

First, pay attention to the potency of the dosage you’re taking. Start small with 5 mg or 10 mg. Remember, it takes CBD edibles longer to have an effect, so you may not feel a difference immediately. In fact, it could take up to an hour. So, wait an appropriate amount of time to feel a reaction before taking another dosage. Keep doing this for about a week before determining if you need to increase or decrease the dosage. After that, you may be just fine where you are.

Lastly, pay attention to your body. If your body reacts differently or you feel something is not right, make a change. If all else fails, consult with your doctor.



Now that you know how many CBD gummies to take, personalizing your CBD dosages should come as a breeze. You can confidently purchase CBD gummies and other CBD products with confidence at We only carry the best CBD-infused gummies made with high-quality CBD oil, so you know you are getting the best-tasting and most proper CBD gummies.

If you find that CBD-infused gummies are not for you, another natural alternative is BioLyfe ACV Gummies which are known to improve digestion and metabolism. We only wish that all our customers have the best options for improving their health. Let us know how you’ve incorporated CBD into your daily life in the comments down below!